I Spy Kids by Sarah Stead & Danyielle Proctor

The Children’s mural was developed with generations of young people in mind. With a classic board game frame and a nod to the classic children’s game of “I Spy,” the mural contains a number of hidden pictures for the young and those young at heart to identify. Many Arcola youth were a part of the project, painting the background for the mural alongside project leaders Sarah Steed and Danyielle Proctor.

Danyielle is a local teenager from nearby Danville, IL where she first joined the Walldogs, painting in her hometown in 2010. Since then, she has followed the Walldogs and has been a part of several work crews. Sarah Steed is a mural artist from Minneapolis, MN. Sarah first became involved with the Walldogs with their meet in Minneapolis focused painting murals in a 15 block stretch on Nicollet Avenue.