Arcola City Park



The Arcola City Park was the first park developed in the community.  Often referred to locally as the “Old Park,” the park takes approximately 2.4 acres and is a traditional neighborhood park.  The park has a large pavilion constructed in 1960 complete with picnic tables and charcoal grills for family gatherings.  The park was updated with new picnic tables and charcoal grills for family gatherings.  The park was updated with new playground equipment in 1997 using funds that were raised locally by an active group of citizens.  The site is complete with restroom facilities also constructed in 1960 and a basketball court.



Kelly Moore Memorial Park



The Kelly Moore Memorial Park is a community park facility that is approximately 26.5 acres.  The park was first developed in 1973 and has experienced a number of upgrades and renovations through the years.  The acquisition of Moore Park was completed through a Department of Conservation, Bureau of Outdoor Recreation grant in May of 1973 (project 17-00207).


Referred to locally as the new park, the site is much larger that the City Park.  The site contains the community athletic fields including softball and baseball diamonds as well as two soccer fields.  Local school athletic teams as well as the recreational programs use all of the fields regularly.  In addition the park has 2 tennis courts, 2 pickleball courts,  and 2 basketball courts and a futsal court that are lighted for night use.


The park also contains a larger pavilion constructed in 1975 with picnic tables for public use and is ADA compliant.  Handicap accessible bathrooms are on site and are easily accessible from the pavilion and play areas.  New playground equipment and the ADA renovations were completed in 1998 with proceeds from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources through the OSLAD Outdoor Recreation Grant 96-617.  A skate park was opened in the fall of 2005.


For information on scheduling the ballfields, contact Chris Kessler by email.



Rotary Gazebo Park



The Rotary Gazebo Park is a small garden park facility located in the downtown area. The park was created through the effort of the Arcola Sunrise Rotary Club as a centennial project in honor of Rotary International's 100th Anniversary. The park, which was donated to the City in a formal dedication ceremony in September of 2005, contains a gazebo, commemorative brick sidewalk, ornate benches, decorative water fountain and a clock.