The Walldog Murals of Arcola

During the week of June 20-24, 2012 over 130 artists from across the United States as well as Canada, New Zealand, Scotland and Australia descended upon Arcola leaving behind 15 historic murals. Known as the Walldogs, the loose affiliation of sign painters, graphic artists and other talented individuals reunite annually to entertain and transform a community with their special brand of artistic interpretation, entertainment, and friendship.

A local steering committee referred to as the “Arcola Beautification Committee” had been working with Walldog Leader Scott “Cornbread” Lindley since 2010 to coordinate the meet, raise funds to support the project, and develop the themes that made Arcola’s heritage Amazing. Cornbread assembled his team of rock star project leaders to design and manage each mural topic. Included in the line-up was Nancy Bennett, the founder and creator of the Walldog Public Art group, veteran painters from Illinois including Michael Clark as well as Mike Meyer and Dave Correll from Minnesota.

The mural projects included:

Not to be left out, two additional projects popped up that week as well. Elvis Johnstone, a member of team Anzec, created a special mural to honor his daughter Indiana on the side of the Arcola Record Herald and a group of current and former Arcola High School students led by art teacher Diann Graham created a special mural inside the hitching post in downtown Arcola.